Shark and nearshore fishing photos

Shark fishing has become increasingly popular out of Port Canaveral, Florida. With only a short journey offshore and the chance to do battle with giant animals it has become an area favorite for tourists and locals alike. Please check out some of our shark fishing and nearshore fishing photos below. If this kind of fishing excites you give us a shout 321-222-7511 or click our Book Now Button to check our availability! Hope you like our Shark fishing photos!

We love getting anglers on these big fish.

Trophy redfish are found in the same waters we catch sharks. Notice the Space Center launch towers in the background. These are very scenic fishing adventures.

We have a few sharks available to us that we are allowed to legally harvest and they are delicious on the Grill! Although we release 99 percent of our sharks there are some that are in no risk of being endangered or any chance of hurting their population by keeping one for the family. 

Perfect combo on our near shore trips, scrappy sharks and trophy redfish. With a short ride to the fishing grounds we get maximum fishing time!

How’s that for a giant lemon shark! 

Trophy redfish are commonly found in the same waters we set our baits for sharks. We always try to capitalize on anything to pull on your line and put a smile on our passengers faces!

Here’s an arm full of big shark!

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