Restricted Boating and Fishing Areas

Boating and fishing is not allowed in any secured area of Port Canaveral with the exception that crew members of visiting ships may fish from their vessel. Secured areas are fenced in on both the north and south ends of the Port and require a Canaveral Port Authority (CPA) badge for entry.port canaveral

No boating or fishing is allowed in the West Basin on days when cruise ships are present. Boating and fishing in the Trident Basin and within 200 feet of the Navy Pier in the Middle Basin is prohibited and under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy.

Boating and fishing is allowed in all port waters not designated above, provided the boat is 25 feet from any CPA-owned and operated pier, wharf or dock, and 100 feet from any vessel moored to any CPA-owned and operated pier, wharf or dock.

Fishing also is allowed from all unsecured areas of the port such as Jetty Park, Freddie Patrick Park and Ports End Park.

Note: Violations and suspicious fishing-related activities should be reported to Canaveral Port Authority Security at 783-8878.