As the weather continues to warm up and improve so should the cobia fishing. Each year cobia and manta rays make a migration past Port Canaveral in close proximity to shore.

Cobia’s preferred environment is incredibly varied. Our anglers target spring and summer cobia usually within 6 miles of shore —  on the surface. Besides being fairly easy to spot with their bfishingrown skin, cobia often go a step further to make themselves easy targets for sight-fishermen — they pal around with manta rays. These massive, black rays can be seen from miles away, often jumping out of the water, sticking the tips of their long “wings” out, or pushing a massive head-wake as they devour plankton. It’s rare this time of year to find a manta ray without cobia near or below it, and a well-placed cast can result in a fast and furious hook up. Cobia will tag along with most other large, slow-moving ocean creatures as well, including whales, stingrays, sharks.

We use medium to large size spinning reels to cast to 2-4 oz jigs tipped with squid at these fish. Sight fishing for them can be very exciting and often you run across a ray with multiple fish eager to eat anything that hits the water, that’s when the real excitement happens.

Cobia meat is white and very firm with a very mild but distinct flavor. Bring a cooler because even 20 pound cobia have a great yield.

Trophy fish over 50 pounds are not uncommon this time of year off Port Canaveral, Florida. This species and the fishing methods used near-shore makes this the perfect yearly charter!